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Top SEO Tips: Redesign Your Website Without Losing SEO Results

As a new website, there should be opportunities for improvement in SEO, rankings, conversion rates and digital marketing. If the right steps are not taken to ensure a smooth change from the old website to the new one, you can hurt SEO equity and the good SEO results it has earned, for which you have worked for years.

In this blog, I will tell you everything that you need to consider during website design so that you can save your SEO results and improve your search engine ranking and traffic.

A website redesign is a time consuming and valuable task to make your website attractive. Today in this blog, we collect data about SEO retention and strategy after redesigning a website. Let us see the importance of SEO in a website redesign.

Difficulties You Will Face With SEO When Redesigning a Website

If you are working on website designing, there are more challenges that may focus on re-branding, improving the user experience and update the back-end. We are providing you with the list of challenges that you could face.

  • URLs may change (Slug Change)
  • Content that is removed
  • Internal link structure change
  • Orphan Pages or Broken links
  • Content that changes
  • Forget to Sitemap (XML & HTML) Update
  • Page-level optimization changes
  • Site navigation not proper.
  • Content not justify
  • Adding new sections, technology, and new features
  • New technical issues (Loading Speed, AMP, Mobile-friendliness etc.)

These are some challenges that may occur while redesigning the website. It may difficult what needs to find. The other areas are essential as well, and how much chances you have to fix then maintaining SEO will be more complex.


Organic Traffic is a primary source of visitors helps to rank website on the search engines, and build trust and credibility, inbound marketing.

Organic traffic

ou have spent a lot of time, energy and money to achieve good organic traffic and ranking and you want to keep them when you redesign the existing website. If you have finally decided to redesign a website and luckily you are now reading this article so don’t stop. Keep continuing reading this article.

Optimize the Landing Page

First of all, you should analyze your existing website. So that you get more and more users. User experience is also a very big role to bring traffic to any website. Before website migration, create a new format. It starts from the main landing page. You can also be provided with organic analytic page reports and lots of information from Google Analytic.

Create Keyword Ranking Report

Google’s algorithms are getting smarter by the day and looking at many factors such as loading speed, mobile-friendliness and backlinks. This is why keywords analysis is quite important to make website design and development services searchable. Before redesigning, make the list of currently ranking. Focus on keywords that drive, convert, and rank well. These keywords are given high priority in the redesign.

Backlinks Analyze

acklinks are the most important factor to make a website more popular. A website page with many qualitative backlinks has more rights in search results. Changing the structure of the website may cause it to lose website backlinks. Performing a backlink analysis for your website can help in understanding your current link profile.

Crawl Your Website

The URL structure often changes during a website redesign or migration. This is especially the case in ‘URL SLUG’. If you make any such mistake on your website, then you may lose its popularity. Try as much as you can to make sure the URL structure is the same as before the website migration. In case you need to change the URL its very important to indicate the search engine. Now you can take the help of Google Webmaster to crawl your website.

Set 301 & 302 Redirection

301 is a permanent redirection from one URL to another. This redirection takes place for website visitors and search engines and helps inbound links move from 99% of link parity. But 302 redirection is a temporary redirection (It can harm your website SEO), redirected user and search engine is on the desired page for a short period of time.

Set-up Canonical

A canonical is an HTML tag that helps to avoid duplicate content. Canonical specifies the search engine to index the correct page of a website. Create a canonical on the new website and set it correctly and point to the pages of the new website.

Create Custom 404 Page

t is difficult to fix all 404 errors after redesign website. Therefore, do not forget to create a custom 404 page, which can be used to navigate to other areas of the website.

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