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How to Use Mobile App Animation? Top UI Animation Tools – GvCloud Secure

A perfect interface of the mobile app is the best things to get a large scale of users. Interface animation in the mobile application can help to give the perfect quick and feedback on users’ interaction thatswhy user can take interest and get engaged. 

You’ve probably heard the saying “A great animation make the interface user friendly, productive and creative.” A perfect mobile app animation never distracts the user from the application. In this post, we will go deeper into how to use animations in mobile apps.

The excellent application UX always helps users to navigate. In this blog, we will discuss a few types of app animations that can help to improve the user experience.

Why interface animations are valuable in applications?

  • Formally we said that some interface animation is a very useful tool that plays an important role to get a better view.
  • The very imaginary and complex effects of animation not only confuse the user but can also cause negative effects.
  • A navigation function, in-app, in other words – the application is easy to use.
  • Successful animation and eye-catching design also help you choose your particular mobile service to attract user attention.
  • Most users love decorative work and beautiful and cool animations for apps will help you create the desired effect.

Hope, parts and tips of the blog are perfectly explained which will help you find a middle ground.

Splash Screen Animations

A splash screen helps to make a great and first impression and strengthens your brand recognition. It also tells that the user is loading the application and working. Nowadays the user expects the app to load immediately and work properly, but this is not possible in complex mobile apps. If you want to engage the user and make your application as if it is running fast, then the splash screen application may be useful for you. Splash screen animations sometimes distract users but they show load times shorter than this.

Feedback Animations

An e-commerce app portal must use feedback animation. This resembles the interaction between the user and the device. A feedback animation informs users that the exact tracks are on, also indicating whether the action has been successful or unsuccessful. The user is required to give the app feedback on every operation. Feedback animations secure the user’s journey and also help make it comfortable and the user feels positive. You can achieve a great UX (USER EXPERIENCE) with the help of animated pop-up notifications, buttons and ticks.

Navigation Animations

An ideal navigation animation helps to smoothly transport users between navigation content. With the help of a navigation application, you can present hidden features, functionalities and elements with the help of mobile app animation. Pinterest is the best example of this because it does not reveal options until you click and place a post in the feed. Most applications have a complex hierarchy that users do not see. The way you can organize those elements and make the most complex in-app navigation clear and UI intuitive.

Animated Progress Indicator

Animated progress indicator always helps inform the user about progress. With the help of indicator animation, you can inform your users and audience that the application is running smoothly and how long they will have to wait for the services. It has a high chance of becoming the best feature in Google Chrome, just like offline ‘Dinosaur’ games. If you can’t reduce the waiting time, make it fun for your users to wait. This animation progress indicator hits all targets.

Marketing Animation

Marketing animation helps to increase your brand awareness and appeal to the target audience. Intelligent integration of branding of UIER design can play a big role in increasing brand awareness. Another way to increase your brand awareness and attract users’ attention is to apply marketing animation to your brand. Marketing animations serve two purposes to attract attention and usually focus on attracting attention. The animation is engaging, more memorable and enables designers to add strong emotional performance.


In this blog, we have discussed the tool of mobile app animation. Thatswhy with the help of the animation tool in the mobile app you can get a high volume of users. If you like the post please share it with your friends. If you have any query related to this so you can contact us after fill-up our enquiry form.

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