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How Search Engines Work: Crawl, Index, Cache & Rank Website

The search engine is a term that almost everyone is aware of but ever wondered how search engines work. What exactly happens? How does a search engine work? Well before talking about how a search engine works. Let us talk about the different search engines. Before moving ahead I want you to pause and think. How many types of search engines you are aware of?

A good start for some mental exercise. Though we know many we don’t bother to pay much attention to it. GvCloud Secure is one of the best Digital Marketing agencies in Noida that will guide you in achieving the first rank.

Search Engine and its Types

A search engine is a tool with the help of which different websites get rank based on the type of query. Every search engines rank those searches which are most relevant to the user query. Have you ever thought that what is the page is known as on which the queries are displayed? Well before getting into the process let us discuss what is SERP stands for. SERP is a Search Engine Results Page. SERP is the page on which search engines give ranking to all the relevant queries a rank based on their relevance. To give you a better understanding we’ll show a screenshot which will give a better understanding of the terminology.

After having a brief idea about the search let us come back to the question posed in the beginning. We will now discuss different types of search engines known to us.

The most popular and widely known search engine is Google. After that Bing is the second most popular search engine. Then Yahoo, Baidu, AOL, Ask.com, Excite, DuckDuckGo, Wolfram Alpha, Yandex, Lycos. So next time you want to try some other search engine then you have options. Let us start our search with GvCloud Secure Private Limited.

This image shows that I as a user search for GvCloud Secure on the search query. Hope with this image you have understood so now let us move on to the next idea. There are three main parts of the search engine that assist and work in proper sync to give you what you love the best “output.”

  • Web Crawlers- The whole process of search engines starts with the web crawlers. You can say that bots or crawlers or spiders (different names were given to these web crawlers) initiate the whole process of crawling.
  • Search Index– In the upcoming paragraph, we will discuss indexing in detail. The purpose of the crawlers is to understand everything about our content and how relevant it is. We will discuss the whole process of how websites get ranking in detail in another blog. This search index stores every piece of data based on the type of content.
  • Search Algorithm- what is relevant and how much relevant is the website is decided based on the calculations that are performed. This helps in providing similar results. This helps in increasing user engagement.

Step By Step Process To Appear Website on Search Engine

Here comes the process behind the outcome that we all view. Crawling, Indexing, storing, and then ranking. One step leads to another and then gives you your outcome. The process is smooth and it ultimately depends on how well you have optimized your website for this process to happen. We will take into account Google as the most used search engine.


The first step in this guide is crawling. Crawling is the process through which web crawlers (about which we have discussed earlier in this guide) crawl our website. In simple terms, we can say that crawling is the process with the help of which search engine bots study our website. Tries to understand what this website is about.

In this crawling process crawl budget is also involved. Just like our, every work has a budget to be incurred. Similarly, these crawlers have their budget. They can’t spend the whole day on your website alone. Crawlers have thousands and thousands of websites to be studied. So to have proper time management crawlers spent a specific amount of time on any particular website.

For this process to be smooth we perform search engine optimization (SEO). Well, that is a broad concept we will discuss in some other blog. Here we wanted to give a brief idea that why we try to optimize our website. GvCloud Secure is the best company in Noida that companies can look up to for their website optimization.


When a bot crawls your website it studies every bit of the website to find out what is this particular website all about. In which category your website falls. In this way, your website will be indexed. The information that a crawler gathers from your website needs to be indexed.

When a new website is launched then we need to submit it to the search console to tell the search engine. You can say Hello! Crawler we have launched my website. So we have come to invite you to study my website and index my content.

Storing (Caching) and Ranking

After indexing crawler stores all the information that it has gathered about your website in different categories. The category in which you (website) fall like if your website is about any particular segment like scraps then you will be segmented into scrap category.

So all your information related is indexed and stored. Then comes the user who searches for particular content. The search engine finds your content apt and relevant to the search query. Following which your content will be displayed on the respective SERP.

So search engine gives ranking to your content on the SERP. The ranking is the position that is given to a website based on the relevance that the Search Engine finds. So if you are a user you know what is relevant to your query.


By now I believe you have a fair idea of the search engine process. If you are a website owner then you have come to the right place to get your website a rank in the search engine. We say experience matters. Here what we meant is to use this knowledge to enhance your output.

For further reference connect with us.

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