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Top 10 Keyword Rank Finding Tool | Keyword Rank Checker

You have a website and you want to know what is the rank of your website, then we are telling you the top 10 keyword rank search tools in this blog. So please read this blog carefully.

The main motto for writing a blog is I want to give you some simple and easy tips to track/check your keyword ranking on Google using some tools.

Most website owners want to know how much traffic your website has and how many keywords are ranking on the first page on Google. Being the number one website on Google, it is no surprise that we all maintain our rankings.

Why is it important to check keyword rank?

And I forgot to tell you the most important thing. “Better keyword ranking, more website traffic.” It is a great thing for any website that its keywords are ranking on the first page.

If a website page appears on the first number in the search engine after entering a query, it is counted on the first page.

Nowadays there are some devices in the market that monitor the activity of your entire website. They know how many keywords the website has ranked. And how many keywords are the traffic coming to your website? Some of these devices are expensive and some are of low budget.

We use the Keyword Rank Find Tool for this so that you get all the information in a short time and you can save your time which you can spend in other marketing and business.

Before we start looking at the Keyword Rank Finder tool, it is important that you know what your goal is. What kind of tool do you want to find?

But only after making sure that you buy a rank search tool, study it deeply. That how can you use it properly? If you do not know, you will waste your time and money because some keyword tools are also expensive. Read the entire post carefully

Sometimes we are not able to achieve the keyword rank of a website even after using the keyword search tool. It is possible that your website has a problem or your website is new. If it is something, you will have to wait for some time or you will have to do some SEO work.

Check Keywords Rank on SERP Manually

Now you can have no better idea than that you want to find out where your keywords are ranking on search engines without spending money.

Let me know in advance that this is not the best way to search for keywords and website rank on search engines. It is possible that searching from your own computer will show incorrect results. Because your browser remembers websites (because the browser takes caches and cookies. And the same results are seen repeatedly when you first found them).

A better option may also be to clear your browser’s cache and cookies in advance. This will show you the first result.

This is the common way to check your website ranking is to go to the Google search section and type in your query and check on the first few pages to see if you can find your website.

If you have more than 20 keywords to check ranking then it will take much time and you have to manually check them randomly.


Open Incognito Tab >>Type Your Query or Keyword >>Find Your Website on first 10 Results >> If your website is Not Ranking on the First page >> Go to 2nd page

Pros: Free and Easy

Cons: It will take too much time

Top 10 Keyword Rank Finding Tools

Now we will tell you about the free and paid keyword rank checking tool that will help you to track your keyword position on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Here is the following Keyword rank checker tool:

  1. Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool
  2. SEMrush (Paid Tool)
  3. Ahrefs (Paid Tool)
  4. KWFinder (Paid Tool)
  5. Ubersuggest (Free & Paid)
  6. SpyFu (Paid Tool)
  7. Woorank (Paid Tool)
  8. MOZ (Paid Tool)
  9. Serpstat (Paid Tool)
  10. AccuRanker(Paid Tool)


In the end, we have discussed the top 10 keyword rank finding tools. If you know about the tool that will be cost-effective, easy to use and best in features so please let us know in the comment section.

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