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B2B Lead Generation Process in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing an umbrella under which we perform different online marketing activities to boost our business. One of the valuable aspects of performing these online activities is generating leads for the business. For every kind of business, they focus on maintaining an uninterrupted flow of leads. Lead generation should not be affected. No customer then no prosperity. Consider a situation where you have prepared a dish and no one to consume then it’s a complete waste of efforts and no appreciation(output). Similarly, think of your online marketing strategies will be a waste if your ultimate goal of lead generation is not met. This will be a complete waste of your efforts and time. GvCloud Secure Pvt. Ltd. takes care of each and every aspect of your digital business to help you with your lead generation for your business.

What is B2B Lead Generation?

The term lead forms an important part of this discussion. So, what is meant by lead? Lead is a customer who has shown inclination towards your product or service. Now you want that to lead to being a potential buyer. In that journey from identifying that lead to ultimately converting that lead to your potential buyer, you have to put in efforts. This effort is lead generation. In this lead generation process, you make use of different digital channels to best suit your business.

As of now, we have understood what is lead generation. Next, what is B2B lead generation? B2B stands for business to business. When lead generation is performed only for business to business then it is known as B2B lead generation. This is different from the B2C process. In B2C your target audience is the end-users i.e. Customers. B2B process is when one business sells its product or service to another business through an online medium to another business.

Importance of Online Lead Generation

After understanding what is online lead generation. The next thing that strikes is what is its importance for our business. We all know customer is the king for any kind of business. In order to succeed in your business, you need a strong customer base. This can be achieved if you follow the right strategy.

  • With an online presence your reach increases. Here you can reach out to a wide range of customers.
  • You will have a fair what your competitors are doing.
  • With Online lead generation, you will be able to understand what works for you and what not.
  • Lead generation is a cumbersome process having the right channel for attraction makes this tedious task smooth and less tiring.

This is just the beginning and GvCloud Secure will help you in making the journey smooth and successful. This current pandemic situation has turned the table completely. To match up with the current situation your online presence is very important.

Methods for Lead Generation

Content makes your lead generation process smooth and easy. Quality content is an actual game player. Quality and relevant content make your content valuable. The more relevant you make your content for your users the more you are able to attract the right customers for your business. This will help in building trust within and customers. So, you will have a better flow in the sales funnel. Customers won’t be stagnant. Customers will move in a continuous flow and smoothen your lead generation process. All your efforts should be customer-centric.

 Let us discuss this process in detail.

1. Lead Generation through Social Media

 The era in which where we are living social presence is common. People prefer to be active virtually rather than in real life. So, to make the best out of this opportunity grab your share. Different channels available are


The different social media platform is known to attract different genre of people but Facebook is known to attract people of all age groups. You just need to have a strategy. Understanding that strategy and working towards it is very important. This is first and foremost a lead generation channel.


LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. So here you know whom to target and how to target. Here networking is the key. This platform turns out to be one of the best lead generation strategy depending on your business type.


Twitter is best suitable for building brand awareness. You need to know the right content type which is engaging and helps in attracting the right customer.


Action speaks louder than words. YouTube proves this statement aptly. When you are able to demonstrate your thoughts then you will be able to attract the relevant traffic to your website.

2.Lead Generation through Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best techniques which is still followed in today’s time. Email marketing has been there from the beginning of digitization. It is the best way to send a customized message to your prospects to provide a better understanding of the subject. It is seen that out of 100 leads the maximum who would bother to open that mail would be 10. So customization helps in moving one step ahead in the lead generation process.

In case of new prospects, you can share your old posts with them to make them aware of your product or services. Gradually you can convert them into prospects. Depending on the type of mails you can share FAQ emails with your leads. This will arouse desires to know more about your services.

3.Lead Generation Through Content Marketing

Content is the king. When you are able to depict your story through content then you have done the right thing. Content that is of quality and has relevance is able to capture maximum response. When users go through your content it increases engagement time. This helps in building trust in your content. This way you will draw potential leads with your word.

‍          You can craft your content in different forms like blogs, ebooks, videos that are valuable for your readers. Everyone wants uninterrupted flow in their work and this can be best achieved. As a presenter, you also want that your readers are not diverted by any disturbance.

4.Lead Generation through Website Optimization 

Website optimization is the best and effective free method for lead generation. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. One of the best techniques where you know what competitors are doing and you do optimization accordingly. Here you optimize the website according to the keywords. So, you get an idea of what is in trend and what works for your users.

For website optimization, you perform different on-page and off-page activities to make your content and website readable. Different tactics and strategies are adopted to get the best output for your end-users. So, you are using the best to deliver the best.

5.Lead Generation through Paid Marketing

Paid marketing activities are one step ahead of unpaid activities. Here you bid depending on to set target. Here you also make use of unpaid activities. Paid marketing activities are preferred for lead generation as you are able to get the output quickly.

As this is a paid activity which involves expert’s advice. At GvCloud Secure we have a team of experts who will assist you in conducting paid marketing activities in the generation of effective output.

There are different paid activities that can be performed to get your desired output. Like:

Google Ads

Google Ads serve as a pathway for generating the desired output. We all have heard about different marketing activities. Pay per click is popularly known as PPC. This kind of paid activity is performed under the surveillance of an expert so that you are able to desired output from the campaign.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social media app. It is seen that every individual has an account on this platform. So, this platform provides a wider reach. It is seen that when running a campaign on Facebook has turned out to be very effective as the ads are extremely focused on the segment targeted.

A well-crafted Facebook Ad helps in retargeting and convert the right segment. 

LinkedIn Ads

With evolving time LinkedIn has turned out to be a great platform for lead generation. A true professional platform and a great source of useful lead generation. When planning to run an ad on this platform then the ad should be target-specific and keyword specific as this platform has turned out to be expensive.


B2B lead Generation process in Digital Marketing is a process of continuous efforts. It involves time, patience, dedication, and hard work. So, one needs to be patient and consistent in efforts. An expert will give you the right advice to save your time and utilize your money wisely. At GvCloud Secure you will get the best advice in your lead generation process.  

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