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AR/VR Apps Development

Augmented Reality (AR) App Development

GvCloud Secure is a top AR VR app development company in Noida, India, helping startups and companies employ the raw power of augmented and virtual reality to attract users and double their ROI. We, GvCloud Secure, build AR / VR apps that offer incredible service to worldly processes to deliver a better user experience and satisfy the next generation of users. GvCloud Secure is a well-known VR AR software development company that uses great tools and additional technologies to create highly immersive experiences. We help companies provide a virtual environment similar to the physical world for their target audience and achieve better results in minimal time, cost and effort. Our team has expertise in AR / VR app development and is known for introducing the concept of flexible, user-centric and standard software development.

Augmented Reality (AR) App Development

Our skilled and experienced team of AR VR Application developers are extremely adept at AR software development, creating compelling, immersive and genuine AR software solutions that connect audiences and businesses to improve brands and more effectively, Train enthusiastically.

E-commerce Application

GClCloud safely develops AR software solutions for the e-commerce business, enabling customers to experience products in 3D under their actual circumstances so that they can make confident choices.

Marketing & Advertising Application

We create highly interactive and immersive experiences that increase enthusiasm for marketing campaigns, product launch advertisements, corporate events, social media campaigns, and more.

Industrial & Medical Applications

We manage AR software solutions designed to boost efficiency and reduce errors for medical professionals and industrial technicians during complex processes and high-pressure processes.

Benefits of adding AR / VR to your business

By partnering with top VR and AR development companies, you get a myriad of benefits from introducing these cutting-edge technologies to traditional processes.

  • Rich and immersive user experience
  • Content to suit user requirements
  • Fast customization
  • Correct connection of users with published content
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Remove the language barrier

Endless AR VR services to increase the value of your business

GvCloud Secure leverages AR and VR technologies to create next-generation application solutions. We use ARToolkit to display creative content or deliver a unique application experience.

  • Business & Enterprise Solutions
  • AR / VR Gaming App Development
  • Marketing and promotional tools
  • Training and development module
  • Visual solution
  • Social experience
  • 3-D walkthrough
  • Location-based AR
  • Recognition-based AR
  • Projection-based AR
  • Support and maintenance



Support & Maintenance

Consulting Services

How does the AR app work?

AR can overlay real-world objects with texts, images, videos, animations and more. The process is accelerated as soon as the input from the input device is received.

Can you schedule a call to discuss my app idea?

Yes, we are available 24*7 hour for a call or email to discuss your application idea.

What are the differences between AR and VR?

Augmented reality can place virtual objects in a real environment while virtual reality places CALs in a virtual environment.

How does the VR app work?

VR can overlay real-world objects with texts, images, videos, animations and more. The process is accelerated as soon as the input from the input device is received.

What technologies are required to work in the AR VR platform?

The AR platform works on Scenekit, Unity, Unreal Engine and many other technologies.

How much cost to develop AR / VR apps?

The cost of AR / VR app development can range from at least 400 $ to 900 $ depending on the type of app, features, functionality, and more.

Do you also develop a backend?

Yes! We develop robust and scalable backends with custom APIs for two-way handshakes within users’ devices and within your mobile application database.

Do you sign NDA and NC agreements?

Yes, when you appoint us, we are comfortable signing a legal contract.

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